Top tips for novice bettors

Here are some valuable tips when start betting online

1) If you bet on a game, look at it

Not only does it match for you will be more exciting, but you will also be able to track how it during the game according to its development are changing course. Nowadays, virtually all bookmakers option to bet live (so you can bet directly during the match). Monitoring the development of courses during the match will be betting gradually improve and become better punters.

2) Do not bet only on favorites

Even the big guns from time to time lose. When planting, there is no certainty.

3) Choose bookmakers that offer better odds

Maybe after reading this headline saying that it is unnecessary, however, the opposite is true. In the long run, this procedure is definitely worthwhile.

4) Think rationally

Do not let it control your emotions – whether those are positive or negative ones. You must always think rationally.

5) Do not bet at all costs

If on a given day does not play any game that would be that you would simply wager. Tomorrow is another day. Bet on a match “forced” is stupid, which in most cases does not pay.

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Bet365 is the largest online bookmaker in the UK, its sales rose by a fifth

British Internet gambling the new government Bet365. The company recorded a fifth year on year sales growth, which makes it a strong leader in the online market in the UK. Up at Bet365 are other big players, such as Betfair, William Hill and Ladbrokes.

Bet365 moved into first place exactly dvaadvacetiprocentní sales growth observed twelve months. Eleven percent behind the popular betting exchange Betfair, far remained mammoth company William Hill and Ladbrokes. For comparison, Bet365 earned more than the two traditional British sázkovky together. However, it is important to add that although in recent years trying to invest a lot of internet betting, William Hill remain primarily a Ladbrokes betting leaders classical branch.

Keeping Bet365 are a delight for virtually all sectors of online gambling. The company currently boasts six million registered customers. According to statistics, grew revenues from sports betting by forty percent, still about six percent more next to the casino, bingo twenty-six percent added. The remarkable rise experienced mobile betting, betting pětisetprocentní increase is truly extraordinary. Only poker has remained at the same level as before, but in this segment in the UK works of extreme competition. The result of all the games put together a turnover of 440 million pounds.

Despite all the positive messages with Bet365 failed to increase operating profit, on the contrary, he fell about six million pounds (97.3 million) is. But the downturn caused costly technology investments and preparing for entry into newly regulated markets abroad.

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